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Reverse Dutch Woven Belt

Place of Origin: Shijiazhuang City,Hebei,China
Brand Name: Martin Supply
Elivery Time: 15days after deposit
Payment Terms: T/T or LC

High quality reversible dutch woven mesh belt for industry


RPD have warp wires laid as close as possible one to another with relatively thin diameters, while the weft wires are very strong - so called reversed weave.

TRD are also a reversed dutch twilled type, although in a twilled form. the warp wires are distributed as with RPD, although the weft wires are knocked up in a twilled weave pattern, so as not to deform the warp wires too much. Illustration below.

The good quality Dense grain network  is a kind of dutch weave mesh that is called because of his different warp wire diameter and mesh count. Reasonable collocation of wire and mesh can reach the filter density that the square mesh cannot reach. So this mesh is the fine filtration of the dense mesh. Usually, the warp wire diameter is larger than weft. But the Wire mesh filter roll for extrusion unit is on the contrary, its weft wire diameter is larger than warp.


Fine workmanship, it have the characteristics of smooth surface, high hardness, uninterrupted, long time no deformation, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, excellent filtering performance, easy installation etc.


Widely used in aerospace,petroleum,chemical,chemical fiber,machinery,plastic products,research and plastic melt filter,molding machine belt type filter conveyor industries.

Reverse Dutch weave belt
Mesh Wire Dia.( mm) Weight (kgs/m2)
325x40 0.13x0.241.95